A new bed develops

When Proton Caretec develops new hospital beds it is made with focus on the person. On the person who will use the bed and the person who will work around the bed. But it is also about the persons here at Proton Caretec.

"The finished bed is a result of the commitment of the people in the organization. We take our job seriously and the enthusiasm is passed on to the products", says Håkan Andersson, production manager.

The development of a new bed affects everyone – from the caretaker and the nurses to the people that will sell and produce the bed. That is why Proton Caretec's developing team always starts with a proper evaluation. What does the users and costumers, which are the workers at a hospital and nursing home, want from a new bed? Which new way to work and routines can affect the shaping of the bed? Ergonomic, functionality, hygiene... all important factors must be taken into consideration.

"Nurses and users is our most valuable asset during the development", comments Håkan.


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"Often new technology creates possibilities to innovative solutions. We work hard to stay updated on what happens in the field and as a leading producer we often get offers to evaluate new, smart technology in combination with our own ideas."

A bed that can go very low – which makes it easier for the patient, hygienic channeling of cables, signal colors that clearly shows functions and usability along with user-friendly graphic on our remotes are a few typical "Proton features" that contributes to set a new standard on the market.

A lot of competence under one roof

In an early stage of the project a risk analysis according to ISO 14971 is done. To decide how to construct the bed to eliminate risks, such as squeezing, makes the bed extra safe in the end. Risk management is done parallel throughout the project – from idea and CAD-drawings to prototype and production planning.

"One of the benefits of having development and production under the same roof is that we can get direct feedback in all parts of the project. The designer draws the product in CAD and then he helps out with the welding of the prototype. In that way we get immediate feedback from the production to the designer."

The costumers evaluates

The final prototype is tested very carefully before the bed is taken into production. Proton Caretec is one of few producers who use an independent testing institution – this is to ensure that the results are self-reliant. For instance the rail rises and lowers 30 000 times and the bed is stressed with four times its safe working load. It is tested static with a load of over 1 000 kilos. One can wonder if a Proton bed is made for an elephant? "No", chuckles Håkan.

"But I think we all know how it works when you get visits in a hospital. There might just be one chair for visitors and then the rest of the family sits on the side of the bed, often at the foot end. And then the bed must manage the pressure and keep the stability!"

The final prototype is evaluated by a number of chosen costumers, in the "real world". What is good? What can be improved? We listen to all views and make adjustments.

A genuine commitment

To see the first series of a new bed mount is almost as Christmas for the people at Proton Caretec.

"The best part of developing a new hospital bed is that we do it together. With our combined skills we can find exciting solutions to different challenges and everyone is involved on the journey from a post-it note to final product. The participation permeates the entire organization: everyone takes part and makes a difference!"