Someone who cares

Everyone needs someone. Someone who cares, takes responsibility and is prepared to be there. This is extra clear when it comes to nursing - a world where it is fundamental that people help each other. But who will take care of you? We want to contribute with ergonomic and functional solutions for public and private hospitals and nursing homes.

Proton Caretec is one of the oldest and most respected actors on the Scandinavian market. With the best care as a starting point and the best for the nurse at heart we develop and produce solutions for hospitals and nursing homes. Hospital beds, delivery beds, emergency stretchers, examination couches and bed side tables are just a few examples. Everything we do, we do to make it easier for the nurse and the relatives, to make sure that there is more time for interaction between people.

Proton Caretec's products are designed for the best ergonomics and safety for the nurse and the patient. Innovative and logical functions limits heavy lifts and unnatural moves- and you won't need a manual to understand. We listen to the stories from nurses and relatives, with commitment and curiosity, to find new solutions to their problems.



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But we have also got the courage to go against the grain. Instead of experimenting with plastics we have chosen to make hospital beds of strong steel with a hygienic surface treatment. This is an investment that will last for a long time. With Proton Caretec as a partner you know that we will stay around and take responsibility- something we have done for almost 60 years.

We are one out of five business areas within Proton Group. With development and production in Sweden we know that honesty, knowledge and a friendly approach lasts the longest!