The workplace

Proton’s joint vision is to be the leading service provider. Together we create solutions that we, and only we, can provide to our customers.

Curiosity is the key

Qualified, keenly curious employees are crucial for our success. Individuals who dare to look at the familiar with new eyes and who have the will to change things and move us forward. Really dedicated employees to create our smart solutions. Dedication is contagious, and it’s fun.

A climate that lets us get close

It is the desire of our employees to develop that takes us furthest. Not intricate organizational labyrinths, nor endless hierarchies. We want to create a company climate that lets us get close – close to each other, close to our customers, and close to the decisions. We are a pretty big group, but in many respects also a small company in that as our colleague you take great personal responsibility. You participate in the decision process and together with your closest colleagues and your manager develop your place of work. We expect you to be distinct and to have the courage of your convictions.

Do you want to grow with us?

We like our employees to feel at home and to grow with us. We achieve this by providing you with possibilities for personal development, career opportunities and a good working environment. And last but not least, the opportunity to find fun in work. We are not world best yet, but our ambition is for everyone who works with us to love his or her job.

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