Proton Lighting

Proton Lighting develops and sells lighting solutions of every shape and form – for industry, offices, schools, shops, homes and OEMs. We have more than 60 years’ experience of lighting public spaces. We are best known for our Exaktor brand. Our strong points are function, design, flexibility and a strong commitment to the environment. Our well-established modular approach means we can deliver personally-adapted total solutions with good total lifetime costs.

Our story

Perhaps you know us best by the brand name Exaktor. Exaktor was founded in Stockholm back in 1945. In 1947 we moved to Oxelösund, and ten years later to our current location in Värnamo. In those days we manufactured electric heaters, but we gradually moved to lighting and light fittings. Over the years Exaktor developed into a strong brand with a focus on technical light fittings for industry, offices and OEMs.

Exaktor became Proton Lighting

In 1999 Exaktor was acquired by Proton Group. The Exaktor company became Proton Lighting, using the brand name Exaktor. A significantly broader base, and with even greater opportunities. Since then we have grown vigorously. Consistent investment in knowledge-in-depth regarding lighting has contributed to our success. New products and exciting new technologies have meant that we have grown both in Sweden and abroad. We recently established a subsidiary company, Proton Lighting Suomi Oy, in Finland.

All manufacturing takes place in Värnamo

Apart from our head office in Värnamo, we also have our own Swedish sales offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Skellefteå. All manufacturing still takes place in Värnamo, where we have also established an ultra-modern laboratory for product verification. Here we can quickly and professionally perform lighting calculations on behalf of you and our other customers. We have annual sales of MSEK 185 and 120 employees.

Our business idea

Based on a long-term perspective, we will develop, manufacture and market the smartest lighting solutions with a priority in selected markets of nordic manufacturing, office, school, shop, home and oem industries. Expertise, speed, and precision characterize every aspect of our business from enquiry to delivery.

We prioritize creative and cost-efficient solutions and a close, longterm cooperation with our costumers. We shall, through a limited number of components, create a flexible and functional product range with a high design value, adapted to you and our other customers within the manufacturing, interior and oem industries.

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