A cool solution for Scania

Our customer Scania is one of the world's leading manufacturers of heavy trucks, busses and engines. Their ambition is to deliver the most competitive solutions to the most demanding customers in the world. Proton Engineering has been manufacturing coolant tubes installed in the engine compartments of Scania's heavy trucks and busses since 2004.

The requirement changed

When we began our cooperation, Scania needed a supplier that could bend the tube that comprises the coolant loop, but this requirement changed when Scania discovered that they had extensive tolerance problems in the final product. Now they needed a supplier that could take responsibility for a larger whole- and thus guarantee the right quality- every step of the way.

Quick facts

Proton Engineering:
- bends the coolant
- assemblies the components
- delivers directly to Scania

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A new, process-friendly loop

At Proton Engineering we acted quickly and proposed a solution whereby we would also take care of assembly. In this way we shouldered greater responsibility for the product. With the aid of our technical expertise and our experts in process optimization, we also developed a completely new version of the cooling loop, in a more manufacturing-friendly design. Today we deliver the coolant pipes directly to Scania as well, without anyone getting bent out of shape.