Surface treatments

Corrosion protection

Under the heading corrosion protection we have brought together finishes for products that are used in aggressive environments – acid, salt and alkaline. Protecting against rust is often a matter of both safety and useful lifetime. We have extensive experience in corrosion protective coatings for the automotive industry, where the requirements are amongst the highest in the world. Read more about our corrosion protective coatings.

Decorative Coatings

Surface treatment can also create innovative and elegant designs. Here are a few examples of what we offer: matt surfaces, lustrous surfaces, coloured surfaces, stained surfaces and more. These can be applied on cars and furniture as well as on industrial equipment. Sometimes a design is only about the surface, and this is where we can get really creative. And bold. Read more about our decorative coatings.

Om our "download" page you can find downloadable material on processes, Proton Finishing and standards.



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