About finishing

Our story

We were founded in 1990. But we have a much longer history than that. It was in 1990 that we were given the collective name Proton. Before that we were a number of independent units, each with its own specialist expertise. FYAB in Forsheda and MYAB in Markaryd were the original basis. From 1990 until today we have grown by leaps and bounds;

1990 – the acquisition of Mihab Ytbehandling in Huskvarna
1991 – the acquisition of Galvano Anderstorp
1992 – Prolac became Proton Industrilack
1993 – YTO and Furuviks Ytbehandling in Hillerstorp were acquired
1995 – SAL Ytbehandling I Halmstad was acquired
1997 – Åbergs Förnickling in Spånga
1998 – Impreglon in Löddeköpinge
1999 – Georg Voss Overfladecenter in Danish Bröndby became part of Proton
2000- All of our units were linked together under the collective name of Proton Finishing
2001 – Industripulver in Anderstorp was acquired
2002 – Eco Lack in Ekenässjön became a part of Proton Finishing
2005 – the acquisition of Kafa Guldindustri in Bankeryd

A leading surface treatment specialists

Today, we are one of Europe’s leading surface treatment specialists. We are at several different locations in Sweden and Denmark. In-depth knowledge and extensive experience mean we are able to provide smart total solutions. For example, product development, assembly and logistics, where surface treatments form the basis.

We work with a score or more different processes, many of which are patented. We are also far advanced when it comes to eco-friendly solutions.

Our business idea

Proton Finishing shall be in the forefront of the application of cost-effective coating processes as well as new environmentally friendly alternatives. We shall offer coating services to both customers in Sweden which customers operate internationally. We must deliver both products and services with the highest quality and optimum logistics flow for the customer.

Our vision

Proton Finishing shall be the industry's leading surface treatment supplier with long-term growth and profitability.