the iron age is a thing
of the past for Thule

Thule is the world’s largest manufacturer of transport equipment such as roof boxes, roof racks, bike racks, snow chains and trailers. The products must survive in gruelling outdoor conditions and demands placed on durability and function are high in the extreme. Not surprising that Thule likes to be absolutely certain about rust protection. As one of the first companies in Sweden, Thule chose to replace Zinc Iron plating with Zinc Nickel, which provides significantly better corrosion protection.

Together we established new standards

“Our cooperation with Proton goes back many years,” explains  Tobias Davidsson at Thule. “In the case of the change over to Zinc Nickel it began with our customers in the vehicle industry asking for products with just this coating. So we contacted Proton, and together we established new standards for all our coatings. That was in 2003, and apart from a few revisions we are still working to the same standards.”

Zinc Nickel

Thule is a pioneer in the vehicle industry with Zinc Nickel. The new standards have doubled the level of corrosion protection, and the use of Zinc Nickel on products offers a clear competitive advantage.
“Something else worth mentioning is that we have notably fewer different finishes now,” says Tobias. “And the standards mean that our designers know exactly what surface treatment a product will have. This makes development work flexible.”