technical information installation

All our luminaires conform to the stipulated requirements of the EU-directive and are CE-approved. The luminaries are designed, manufactured and approved according to the norm EN 60598-1, Luminaires. Each individual luminaire is being tested after the assembly. The installation shall be carried out according to the regulations of the Swedish National Electrical Safety Board ELSÄK-FS 2004:1 and its directions; SS 4364000,

Electrical installations of buildings - Rules for design and erection of electrical installations. The IP-rating conform to the norm EN 60529. The IP-designation is followed by two digits, describing the performance as per below:

The first digit represents the degree of protection against ingress of solid foreign objects:
1  >50 mm diameter
2  >12.5 mm diameter
3  >2.5 mm diameter
4  >1mm diameter
5  Protected against dust ingress
6  Totally protected against dust ingress

The second digit represents the degree of protection against harmful ingress of liquids:
0  No protection.
1  Protected against vertically falling drops of water.
2  Protected against vertically falling drops with enclosure tilted 15o from the vertical.
3  Protected against sprays to 60o from the vertical.
4  Protected against water splashed from all directions.
5  Protected against low pressure jets of water from all directions.
6  Protected against strong jets of water.
7  Protection against the effects of temporary immersion.
8  Protected against long periods of immersion.


The ta symbol represents the rated maximum ambient temperature at which the luminaire is rated. Except for otherwise indicated, 25°C is valid. The ambient temperature also accounts for other factors, such as the luminous flux and length of life.

The "F in triangle" symbol means that the luminaire is suitable for direct mounting on normally flammable surfaces.

The "D in triangle" symbol means that the luminaire has a limited surface temperature. No hazardous quantities of dust and fibres can be accumulated (see EN 60598-2-24).

HF-ballast provides a higher starting current than that of magnetic reactor ballast. We recommend group line miniature circuit breaker type C. Insulation resistance tests/megging of an installation with HF-ballast can be carried out with max 500V DC. Connect the phase conductor to the neutral conductor and then apply voltage earth (pe) to phase/neutral.

 All luminaires have a certain amount of leakage current, which is permissible. When an earth leakage circuit breaker is installed to serve as a personal protection (30mA) the number of luminaires to be installed after the breaker should be limited to 15.

Always disconnect the mains voltage prior to replacing the light source.