Proton Group

Meet a unique group of companies with very different business areas. A familiar group of companies that wants to make a difference in society. A passionate group of companies that love what they do, no matter the scale.

As soon as you see its breadth of the business areas, you realise that the Proton Group is not like other groups. How do you stay focused when you operate within such hugely different areas such as surface treatment, lighting, hospital beds, technology and the automotive industry?
The answer lies in the motivation and commitment of a large – yet small – company fuelled by great passion.

This commitment is group-wide, and despite its size the group is familiar with quick decisions and openness between the owner, board of directors and employees.
The founder of the Proton Group, Leif Malveholm, had a strong local presence and a clear desire to develop the Proton Group in the communities in which it operates. A legacy that his children want to take forward and of which CEO David Gustafsson has become a part.
"Proton will continue to liaise with local associations, businesses and public bodies to develop the regions in which we operate. For us it is crucial that we embrace our share of responsibility, as we believe that this makes a positive contribution to our operations," says David Gustafsson.

The Proton Group has its head office in the Värnamo area, and has been characterised by drive and initiative from the start. Companies have been acquired, and operations have commenced and been discontinued. The result is a profitable and strong group that currently consists of the business areas Proton Caretec, Proton Engineering, Proton Finishing, Proton Lighting and Proton Technology.

In all business areas our aim is to provide the best value from the customer’s perspective and to always strive to exceed customer expectations. It’s about being, thinking and doing. Continually improving and safeguarding each employee’s knowledge and commitment. Being the best at what you do – and at the same time, asking yourself how you can make things even better.

“Apparatus and material are available to all actors and do not, in themselves, create any advantages. What makes the difference for Proton is our engagement and how we, as employees, conduct our work,” says David Gustafsson.

A few milestones in the company's history:

1990: The Proton Group is founded when Leif Malveholm as majority owner buys out a group of companies from the stock exchange. Eight years later it reaches its first goal – a revenue of SEK 500 million.
2000: All the companies in the group are given the same name structure and Proton profiling. At the turn of the millennium, there were 723 people employed within the Group, revenue amounted to SEK 782 million and it had achieved its best profit so far, SEK 55 million.
2008: The worst economic crisis since the 1930s also affects the Proton Group, with tough challenges as a result.
2011: Founder Leif Malveholm dies and his children Marcus, Daniel and Sanna Malveholm enter the scene as owners.
2015: The Proton Group celebrates 25 years with huge anniversary party for all employees.


David Gustafsson, CEO, Proton Group.

Proton Group, based in Värnamo, Sweden, is a privately-owned industrial group with companies in five business areas. We are active in industries like automotive, lighting and lighting solutions for public areas, surface treatments for the automotive, construction and engineering and beds and accessories for healthcare environments. Together we are a strong group with 400 employees and 700 MSEK in sales.